Fly or Mouse Glue


This product could be widely used in the place where rats or fly appears, such as house, hotel, market, livestock yard and available for operating both outdoor and indoor spaces.


The product is composite of imported macromolecular compound with perfect performance of high first adhesive ability, no odour, high performance, easy for operation, safe, nontoxic, repeat use, anti-aging, anti-stiffen, is a new generation green product.


Pile out the glue onto the paper card or wood plate and place the card or plate where the rats or fly appears. Kill them caught by the glue. If there is soil or rat hair on the glue, take off them for continuous usage.


Please keep out of the touching by kid and pet since the adhesive ability of this product is quite strong. Use absorbent cotton dipped with kerosene or edible oil if touching to the hands or others, then, wash with soap and water. Place the glue at proper sites to avoid stepping by human or pets during the night. Fix the glue plate on the ground with double sides adhesive to avoid possible moving by the rats. Keep away from the places where are sandy and wet to avoid lowering its adhesive ability.

Fly or Mouse Glue

Fly or Mouse Glue

Fly or Mouse GlueFly or Mouse Glue

Fly or Mouse Glue

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